Domestic Manager Fees

When utilizing the Temp Services there are two (2) fees

Many families have their own preferences and sometimes allergies to certain products.
Choice Options believes it’s best to use your own preferred products and tools while caring for your home.

Domestic Manager Fees

Payable directly to the Domestic Manager
Minimum 4 hours per job (regardless of hours worked)

  • $18 per hour for full housekeeping
  • $20 per hour for packing and unpacking
  • Fees vary for heavier tasks such as organizing, spring cleaning,
    party/event coordination, etc.: Please inquire
  • Group / Special Event / Holiday Assistance: Please inquire

Agency requires a reasonable gas reimbursement be paid for job-related driving, such as errands, shopping and transportation.

Agency Fees

Flat fee payable to Agency (Visa, MasterCard and Discover accepted) per usage

  • Regular Care:
    $30 per 1/2 day (4 hours)
    $35 per 3/4 day (5-6 hours)
    $40 per full day (7+ hours)
  • Emergency Service: All requests with less than 24 hours notice will
    be considered Emergency Service. Regular agency fees will increase $15
  • Group / Special Event / Holiday Fees: Please inquire
  • Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice (if request has been staffed): $35

Permanent Domestic Manager Placement Available


Commencing with the start date of your first Domestic Manager, you will be provided with a three (3) month guarantee period. If for ANY reason within the first three months the Domestic Manager does not meet your required expectations or leaves the position you will be provided with ONE replacement (at no charge), pending availability.

Placement Fee

$1,950.00 (payable ONLY if a Domestic Manager is hired and due upon acceptance of position)All fees subject to change without notice