Permanent Placement Information

Experience makes all the difference.  We carefully match our Domestic Managers with each family’s specific needs and personality.  Being thorough takes time and selecting the right nanny is exactly what we do!

If you would like to hire a permanent placement caregiver as your own household employee, clients must meet the following:

  • Utilize care through Choice Options with preferred caregiver for a minimum of 3 months before committing to a permanent placement contract
  • Provide 40 hours per week and compensate the caregiver for this amount of hours, regardless of actual hours worked
  • Permanent placement fee payable to Choice Options within 48 hours of acceptance of position and is based on 30% of the caregiver’s annual salary
  • Permanent placement fee must be paid before start date and is non-refundable
  • This fee applies to each permanent contract, no replacements will be offered
  • Fees are subject to change without notice

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Permanent Placement Info