Nanny Fees

 When utilizing care, there are two fees involved:

NannyHourly Fee
1-2 children$14.00/hr
3 or more children$15.00/hr
Infant (under 6 months)Starting at $16.00/hr
Multiples (under 6 months)Starting at $18/hr
Special Needs CarePlease Inquire
Overnight and 24 hour carePlease Inquire
Group, special event and holiday carePlease Inquire
AgencyFlat Fee
1/2 day (4 hours)$25.00
3/4 day (5-6 hours)$30.00
Full day (7+ hours)$35.00
Overnight care (dinner to breakfast)$40.00
Round-the-clock care (24 hours)$45.00
Cancellations within 24 hours (if request has been staffed)$35.00
Cancellations within 12 hours (if request has been staffed)$35.00 plus caregiver paid

Agency requires a 4 hour minimum when booking care, regardless of hours worked. For care scheduled on short notice (24 hours or less), regular agency fees increase by $15.00. Nanny fees may increase due to number of children.

Sick child care is an additional $1 per hour for each sick child (if your child would not be permitted to attend daycare or would be sent home from school, they are considered sick). Agency fee increases by $5

Change in requested hours: If scheduled hours are decreased (upon or after the start time), caregiver will be paid for anticipated scheduled hours. If scheduled hours are increased (upon or after the start time), caregiver will be paid for additional scheduled hours.

Due to a federal mandated law, all caregivers that work over 40 hours in one week will need to be compensated at time and a half.

Choice Options requests a reasonable gas reimbursement be paid for job-related driving, such as errands, shopping and transportation. Nanny fees are paid to the nanny directly. Agency fees are payable to the Choice Options (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover accepted).

Permanent nanny placement

Permanent nanny placement is available. Choice Options charges a placement fee only if a caregiver is hired and accepts the position. Placement Fee: $1750.00

All prices are subject to change without notice